Israel Gual. Creator,Writer, and Director.

Israel Gual Is the creator of Among The Dead® comic book series and Director. More Information can be found for Among The Dead® MOVIE!

Geoff Mosse. Pencil , & Cover.

Geoff Mosse is a humble, hard working freelance writer and artist who toils away day and night in a heavily fortified compound producing work. His latest graphic novel "The Mick" can be found on Amazon and in select comic book stores.

Gerald Gemal. Greyscales, Ink, and Letterer.

"Born in the 1st day of October 1992, I lived in an average Filipino family, learning good values and lessons from them.
Fell in love with art at an early age. Learned how to draw from circles, stick mans, and now, imaginary characters that only seen in mind now comes to life with proper knowledge of the chosen craft.

All the work, names, graphics, videos, games, film making, and sounds are protected under the applicable US trademark and copyright laws. Should you need to use them in any derivative form , you will need written permission/ license to do so, otherwise unlawful and actionable.